School Management System Software — Complete Guide

What is a School Management System? 🤔

School Management System is an “engine” that powers your institution with automation and digitizes the daily administrative & academic operations such as online admission, daily attendance, assignment management, fees payment, bulk data management, online classes & much more effectively & efficiently.

School Management System Software is useful to all stakeholders — it helps parents to keep track of their child’s academic progress, teachers can easily conduct online classes, admin can track all online payments in real-time & students can connect with their classmates and track their assignments from anywhere at any time.

It reduces the workload of staff members, enhances data security, and helps in saving time & money by taking over the time-consuming tasks, resulting in improving the productivity & cost-effectiveness of your institution.

School Management Software for all type of Institutions 🏫

Fedena can be used by all types of educational institutions such as Schools, Colleges, Universities, Training Institutes, Vocational Institutes, Multi-Group of Institutions & other Specialized Institutions.

According to your organization’s needs, solutions can be tailored & integrated with other platforms to simplify, automate & streamline the multi-process operations of your institution. School management software also provides better visibility into your institution’s important data which helps the institute’s stakeholders in taking a better-informed decision.

With the implementation of the right school management solution, the workload of staff members gets dramatically decreased & it subsequently improves the time management which leads to an increase in the overall productivity of your organization.

Why Fedena School Management Software? 🏆

Fedena is a cloud-enabled & easy to use school management software, which helps in streamlining the day-to-day administrative & academic operations from a single platform. It is a paperless solution that automates all paper-based processes & enhances the productivity of all staff members.

Fedena is the world’s most trusted, affordable & popular school management system software. With thousands of users worldwide, Fedena is available in 20+ languages. To increase the functionality & capability of Fedena, it easily integrates with various ranges of software. Besides this Fedena also provides a School Management Mobile App 📱 & Multi-School Management Platform 🏫.

School Management Mobile App

Access to all features at your fingertips. View timetable, marks the attendance, exam result, upcoming events, track pending fees, also interact with classmates and teachers from anywhere at any time. Learn more about > School Management App

We also offer an OEM Partner Program 🤝, using which partners can embed Fedena into their product offerings and then resell Fedena in their geography under their own pricing & terms. Our OEM partner, you don’t have to worry about hiring a technical expert, Fedena’s expert engineers handle all your complex requirements, provide full support from start to finish, & provide you an ability to customize the solution according to your needs.

School Management Software Modules ⭐️

1- Digitize Student Admission-

Automate the whole admission process, reduce the possibility of errors and paperwork. Efficiently manage student and parents’ details, customize the admission form, document management, and more. Learn more about > Digitize Admission Management

2- Online Class Management-

Fedena integrates with your favorite video conferencing platform such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Big Blue Button so that you can conduct online classes at the comfort of your home. Learn more about > Online Class Management

3- Online Fees Management-

No more standing in the long queue for the fees submission. With Fedena, automate transactions, send instant alerts to parents/students on pending fees, add taxes and discounts according to your institute requirement. Learn more about > School Fees Management

4- Attendance Management-

Mark student’s attendance subject-wise or day-wise, send an instant alert to parents and let them stay abreast in case their child missed any classes. Automate attendance tracking with biometric/RFID integration. Learn more about > Students Attendance Management

5- Assignment Management-

Create & share online assignments, homework, quiz and surprise test for students. Monitor students’ academic progress and instantly share the results or feedback with parents. Learn more about > Assignment Management

6- Bulk Data Management-

Paperless data management, store students’ & employees’ data at a centralized place in digital format. Admin can easily export the data anytime and make a data-driven decision. Learn more about > Bulk Data Management

7- Examination Management-

Automates the examination process, schedule the various type of examinations. Send a notification or instant alerts via the messaging system and instantly share the examination results with students and parents. Learn more about > Online Exam Management

8- School Bus Management-

Real-time tracking on vehicle routing and stops with GPS integration. Manage and schedule the transport fees collection. Also, ensure better safety and security of the students. Learn more about > School Bus Management

9- Custom Reports-

Generate various comprehensive reports — attendance report, fees pending report, placement report, examination result report, and more. Also, customize and modify the field according to the institute’s preference. Learn more about > Custom Reports Management

Apart from these modules, Fedena offers other 50+ modules, so that the institute can manage & access all data from a single platform. To learn more about other features, check here: Fedena Features

Top School Management System Features ✅

✔️ Easy to Use

✔️ Ecofriendly & Paperless

✔️ Save time & money

✔️ Reduce the communication gap

✔️ Data security & backup facility

✔️ Enhance students security

✔️ Customizable & Affordable

✔️ Mobile App

✔️ Multi-Campus Support

✔️ Integration & API support

✔️ Avail in Multi-language

✔️ Cloud Hosted & Single Sign-On

How Schools can benefit from Video Conferencing Platform Integration in School Software?

Technology in education is evolving day by day. Unlike old school teaching methods, e-learning platforms have completely transformed the way learning is imparted to students. Now, students can easily access the classroom notes or attend the classes without physically present on school premises.

By Integrating Fedena with Video Conferencing Applications, institutes can easily manage online learning, virtual classroom & remote teaching effortlessly. Fedena offers integration with Google Meet, Big Blue Button & Zoom platform.

BONUS FOR YOU: Soon Fedena is planning to integrate with Uzity (E-learning Platform) so that your institute can deliver a rich online learning experience to your students & manage course/quiz creation from a single platform.

School Management Software Portal Benefits

Parents Portal:

Using school management software parents can log in to their accounts and easily track their child’s in-class performance & daily activities in real-time such as assignment monitoring, daily attendance tracking, check daily timetable & events, examination & results, fee management, live bus tracking, and more.

With Fedena, parents can instantly communicate with teachers either by sending a text message or by attending an online meeting, where they can discuss child progress and ways to improve it.

Another great advantage for parents is that it simplifies the fee payment process. They no longer have to stand in long queues to submit their child fees. Using Fedena, in a click, they can track the pending fees, upcoming fees, collect all the information related to fees payment and do payments through the payment gateway from anywhere at any time.

Students Portal:

Using a student portal, students can easily track their daily attendance & timetable, information related to their subjects & courses, stay up to date with daily assignments, check assessment feedback, interact with teachers & share their ideas with their classmates in real-time.

Online school management software makes it easier for students to access all the information from a single platform. For example alerts about extracurricular activities, enrollment for additional subjects, and more, which minimizes their time wastage & lets them focus their classes.

Additionally, institutes can integrate Fedena with the e-learning platform so that students can continue their learning outside the classroom. It helps in accessing the learning material from anywhere at any time which enhances the students learning experience. Besides this, students can also access library books on their devices when needed.

Management Portal:

The management portal is specifically designed to cater to the needs of school admin & other non-teaching staff members. It eliminates the unnecessary workload of school admin by automating tedious tasks such as bulk data management, id card generation, finance management, payslip & payroll, and more.

In other words, Fedena reduces the paperwork & huge amount of manual process which make it easier for admins to store all digitized files or documents in a single place.

Additionally, it enhances data security and prevents data breaches, as the data can only be accessed by privileged members. Using School Software, boost the productivity of staff members, reduce the possibility of human error & let them focus on their primary daily tasks.

Teachers Portal:

Using Fedena, teachers can accurately record the attendance of the students just in a click either, without killing their precious time. Along with this, they can instantly connect with parents regarding student’s academic progress, and also conduct online parents teachers meetings at a click of a button.

Besides this, teachers can also keep track of their attendance, leaves, and access their payslips even without physically present on the campus.

Above all, integrating Fedena with a video conferencing platform, help teachers in conducting an online classroom and continue the teaching-learning practice uninterruptedly outside classroom hours.

How much does School Management Software cost?💰

There are hundreds of school management software available in the market with various features & pricing models. But selecting the right school management software for your institution while staying in a budget sometimes becomes a tricky task for the school administrators.

Surprisingly Fedena is the most affordable solution for all types of institutions when you consider all its capabilities. The cost saving of Fedena is quite exceptional compared to managing all operations manually or self-hosted school software, as it not only decreases the labor & infrastructure cost but also digitizes & streamlines the whole process.

Fedena’s plans are suitable for all types of institutions, you can start with a basic package and later scale up the plan according to your needs.

Here are some generous features which Fedena offer along with affordable pricing such as –

✔️ Unlimited User License

✔️ Unlimited Course & Batch Management

✔️ Free Cloud Hosting

✔️ Customization

✔️ Priority Support

✔️ Dedicated Account Manager

✔️ Onsite & On-demand Training

✔️ Data Entry Service

✔️ SSL Secured

Fedena comes with various pricing model:

  1. Pro Package — It offers 20 core modules & 15 pro modules
  2. Pro Plus Package — It offers 20 core modules, 15 pro modules & 13 pro plus modules
  3. Prime Package — It offers 20 core modules, 15 pro modules, 13 pro plus modules & 8 enterprise modules

Check Fedena Pricing Details

To know more about pricing, modules & other details visit here — Fedena Pricing

Bonus for you — Fedena also provides a 14 days free trial, in case you want to try out the system first before moving to the paid option.



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