Top Functions of Online School ERP System

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What is a school ERP system?

A school ERP system is a platform that automates the processes an institution runs on. Right from admissions processing to alumni event organisation, the school management system can ensure that the institution runs more smoothly.

A school ERP is especially useful because it takes over multiple functions — from organizing parent-teacher conferences, to fee processing and receipt generation, to setting up of study groups for discussions based on subject or learning levels, or even to ensure readily available private communication between various stakeholders.

Why do schools need an ERP system?

School ERP system bring schools into the digital world while also making things easier for them. They help schools run more smoothly and efficiently while also reducing labor costs.

Schools are not just a simple interaction where students come in to study and then leave. They are huge institutions that need organisation and consistency to function effectively. When they do not, it is students that suffer the most as they are not given the learning environment they need to learn. It is the role of a school to set up a learning environment that enhances and aids its teachers, administrators and students in doing the best that they can.

School ERP systems can thus help students, teachers, and management achieve their full potential and do the best that they can for the ultimate stakeholder in this ecosystem — the students.

Let’s see the Main Functions of School ERP System:

1. Students Admission & Applicant Enquiry Management:

An Online Admission System is best defined as a web-enabled software designed to manage the entire admission related operations of an institution. It helps you to automate the admission process making it more efficient and more effective. The use of an online admission management system ensures that existing traditional paper-based complex admission system is transformed into an applicant friendly, efficient, time-saving, accurate, and transparent system at affordable cost with greater speed and wider accessibility.

The main features of this module:

  • Save student details and manage documents at one place
  • Keep a track on applicant registration
  • Review and discard the application
  • Automatically calculate registration fees
  • Assign batch and subject to students
  • Provide unique admission id to students
  • Customize admission form

2. Fee management & Online payments:

One of the most time consuming and headache inducing factors of running an educational institution are fee management. But online school management software can reduce this burden on staff! With highly robust, yet flexible back ends, fee management feature can be easily set up to suit every student’s needs.

The main features of this module:

  • Build custom fee bands that take into account individual deductions, fees, fines, and scholarships awarded to students.
  • Help parents pay swiftly and easily with online payment processing from any device.
  • Generate fee receipt template & customize receipts headers & footers using the fee receipt templates.
  • Automatically calculate tax on general fees, transport fees & hostel fees.
  • Collect advance payment from students
  • Track the fee defaulters
  • Provide fixed/instant discounts along with late fees/fine collection.

3. Online Exam & Gradebook

Manually managing the grades and records of the students was not only a time-consuming task but also not an eco-friendly process. But in today’s modern educational ecosystem, where everything has become automated, instructors no longer have to spend their precious time in paperwork on grade calculations and reports. With an Online examination & gradebook module, teachers can conduct online exam and update grades in real time.

The main features of this module:

  • Create skill based exams
  • Customise the report card
  • Track student academic progress
  • Create subject wise report
  • For exam, create descriptive or MCQ questions
  • Reset examination batch wise
  • Enter and update the marks anytime

4. Timetable Management

Creating a timetable is one of those tasks pivotal to the day-to-day functioning of the school. However, a wrongly prepared timetable can lead to complete chaos for the students and teachers. In a technologically driven world, the use of a timetable management system offers a host of benefits to the school — ensuring that its school functioning in a seamless manner without any unnecessary challenges or complexities and students remain well-organized and on track.

The main features of this module is mentioned below:

  • Effortlessly manage timetable and allocate subject to the teachers
  • Efficiently pre-set the time-table for all classes
  • Teacher & students can check their time from mobile app also
  • Set different class timing for different type of periods
  • Create timetable in advance
  • When executing swap, send instant notification to teachers

5. Attendance Management

Automated attendance management system, save time and resources of the teachers and it helps reduce the heavy workload that they already have. Since all the menial and mundane tasks related to attendance are outsourced to the digital system, the teachers can simply concentrate on the students as all the hefty manual tasks are now systematically managed by the software.

The main features of this module is mentioned below:

  • Manage half or full day attendance
  • Generate Attendance report based on subject-wise
  • Track attendance either subject or day wise
  • Record attendance through biometric device integration
  • Mark attendance through mobile app
  • Managing daily attendance reports
  • Providing instant notifications to parents

6. Online Assignments

Managing assignments has always been a tedious task, both for the teacher who assigns it as well as for the students who are assigned. The entire process of assignment becomes all the more confusing & hectic when any student fails to attend class on the said day. Plus, teacher in most of the cases, have to go through an ordeal of repeating and re-addressing the students again and again. So, instead of going through such activities, teachers can make it simpler with the help of Assignment plugin.

The main features of this module is mentioned below:

  • Reduce paper and time wastage
  • Add due dates while sharing assignment
  • Manage online assignment/homework and quiz
  • Instantly share assignment feedback with parents
  • Attach digital content while sharing homework
  • Add video, ppt, pdf and more

7. Bulk Data Management

Accumulating entire records of school data on paper is not only quite wasteful but also infeasible. The records are always increasing, due to large enrollment activities, employee hiring process, and other organisational activities. So keeping track of all the records, and keeping it secure from prying eyes is not an easy task in itself. It is also not possible to recover damaged records due to natural disasters/problems. If all this seems very familiar, it’s about time you switched to Data management plugin.

The main features of this module:

  • Data backup facility
  • Export data in CSV or XML format
  • Edit or add new entry into existing record
  • Customise field and save record in form of report
  • Manage personal detail of students and employees
  • Bulk data import/export facility

8. Transport Management

This plugin is designed and planned to help you more efficiently plan and manage your educational institution’s entire transport system. With the transport module in school ERP software can do everything from marking transport attendance for students and employees to live to track the route and location of a bus that is transporting students and employees to and from school and home.

The main features of this module:

  • Maintain vehicle information such as fuel expense, repair info, license renewal, pollution check certification, and more.
  • Add new routes and stops
  • Define different pick up and drop up routes
  • Fare collection can be collected stop based
  • Real time school bus tracking with GPS device integration
  • Assign bus based on seat availability


School ERP system is the best solution to manage the daily operations of K12, Higher Ed, Universities, Colleges and more which can be easily used by teachers, students, parents and other school employees. It helps in performing the daily repetitive tasks more efficiently, but it is also less prone to error, or delays, or disruptions. Try the solution free for 14 days or contact us for more details.



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