What is Library Management System Software?

Why Institute Need Library Management Software?

A library management system is perfectly adept at taking on the many repetitive and predictable processes and tasks that are an endemic part of running a library.

Key Features of Library Management System:

  1. Generate digitized fine receipts for fines paid on the late return of books borrowed from the library.
  2. With Barcode integration, easily organize and manage the book details.
  3. Complete track on issued/renewed books with barcode scanning.
  4. Manage all books details in a single place.
  5. Students can search the book details from their dashboard and issue/renew it at the same time.
  6. The librarian can tally records by generating the list of books issued or due for a duration.
  7. Export the book details in the form of CSV file.
  8. Generate customized reports for library inventory and a fine collection.

Key Benefits of Library Management Software:

  1. Allow several books to be circulated at the same time
  2. System perform anti-theft operations and identification at the same time
  3. Librarian can & identify details of books within a rather short span of time
  4. Reduces the burden on librarians and the likelihood of human error in the issue of fine receipts.
  5. Ensure easy lookup of any book and smooth interface of library structure.
  6. It bring about a sense of transparency and accountability in the functioning of a library
  7. Students can easily check the availability book using book author, title, category wise etc, without physically present in library.
  8. It slashes the operation cost as paperwork, manpower, printing cost get reduced

How Barcode Integration In Fedena Simplifies the Library Management?

Scenario 1: When a new book is added

1. When a new book is added, go to ‘Manage Books’ in the Library section and then select ‘Add books’.

Scenario 2: When a book is returned/renewed/issued

The barcode integration can also be used in case a book is issued from the library or is returned or renewed. You can keep a track of all the entries with the help of the barcode in the book.

Scenario 3: When a book is searched for

The barcode integration can also be used to search for books in your library. Use the barcode of books to look for the current status of a particular book, whether it’s available or reserved by someone for a later issue. For this, go to ‘Search book’ in ‘Library management’ and use the barcode of the book to know the status.


Now a days library management system is essential for schools, colleges, universities, public libraries, and more. As it helps in streamlining the daily task of library efficiently and effectively. Fedena is a school management software which offer library management module. To learn more about this visit us at — https://fedena.com/feature-tour/library-management-system.



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